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A fish pitched up by the angry sea

When I was in New York City last week, I felt a nostalgia for its people and its buildings and its movement. Travel within was so fluid and calming. Though I’ve never been graceful, I could move through it like a dancer… It was all very natural and I was so happy.

Now that I’ve left, I feel a strange longing. I’m uncomfortable in my apartment and everywhere in this city. I find myself thinking about New York inappropriately often. When I tell myself that it may be a while before I go back, tears well up in my eyes.

Am I homesick for a place in which I’ve never lived?

Throw off your chains

Academics, don’t abandon us! (via BoingBoing)

A faculty member at the University of Central England is being threatened by a record exec: if he continues to make public his personal opinions regarding RIAA lawsuits, they’ll take it up with the university that employs him.

This sort of thing always reminds me of a wonderful computer science teacher we had here at the University of Arizona for some time, Stuart Reges. He was tenure track at Stanford, until this happened. (I suggest you read his eloquent account of the disaster, but the short of it is that he lost his position because he was vocal and honest about drug use. He had been honored the previous year for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education.)

It was fine for 5 months, but then the drug czar’s office started in on Stanford administration. They were threatened with loss of funding if they chose to keep Reges on faculty in spite of his personal opinions about drug use…

So they lost him. What a tragedy for Stanford: Reges is known here and in Washington (he’s now at UW) as one of the best CS instructors ever. He’s engaging, funny, terribly intelligent, and helpful. He creates some of the best, and most original, programming exercises I’ve ever seen. If you run into him, shake his hand for me.

Anyway, please keep talking, colleagues; your opinions are of merit. Your positions give you deserved credibility— use it properly.


Out There


 Yeah, yeah. it has to be done at the inception.